About Career Launch

Career Launch

The Career Launch is a series of digital workshops focusing on the professional development of future legal professionals.


The mission of Career Launch is to prepare law students for the professional world through webinar series and mock interviews. It aims to provide law students and young lawyers with a real-life experience of the job interview and knowledge that is not part of the typical legal curriculum.


The Career Launch consists of two series of digital workshops – the autumn series and the spring series. 

The structure of the Career Launch
Digital workshops

Registered participants will have the chance to learn from professionals and experts in the field and develop their theoretical and practical knowledge of the area concerned through four digital workshops.

Job interview simulations

Each participant will have the opportunity to put newly gained knowledge into practice by participating in a simulation of a job interview with the real professional.


Once the participants completed Career Launch programme, they will be awarded a certificate attesting their professional knowledge and skills.

Spring Career Launch Details
Digital workshops

The first online session will be held in the second half of May 2021.

Job interview simulations

Each participant will be selected for a specific time slot based on their availability and that of the expert interviewers. The slots will be spread out through the month of June.

Participation Fees

€ 30 – Participation Fee